The rivers have been a little lower than usual due to a bit of a dryspell we’ve been having here in Yoshino-gun (which basically means we just haven’t been experiencing our hourly 5-15 minute torrential downpours that we’d usually been getting), and while tossing around a frisbee ( I haven’t turned into a “frisbee guy,” I promise!) at a riverside BBQ last week I noticed that there were all these little smoothly-colored shell-like things peppered all around the rocks.

At beaches in America (and probably any other country where people drink alcohol, I assume), you can find these little pieces of broken glass along the shorline that have been polished down by the ocean waves into little small glass gemstones (which we call  “sea glass” in the States). I’ve inserted a pic below [not mine. Owner, if you ever find this and for some reason have beef over your sea glass pic, feel free to contact me and I’ll take it down] 


Well, what this stuff by the Yoshino river was was the Japanese analogue to this: little polished pieces of broken and forgotten teacups! Pretty cool right? I stopped paying attention to the frisbee game and spent the rest of the BBQ shuffling around the riverbank scanning the ground for these little treasures while the rest of my co-workers  (who I’d just been meeting for the first time) probably thought I had Aspergers.  Looks like I have a new collection to start.

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