Grocery Store Adventures.

Brought the old flip-phone with me to the grocery store the other day….  

2,580¥ grapes. (about $33 a box). These grapes are pretty ridiculously awesome and are perfect in every way possible. Every way except for their price. I bought a pack of like 10 of them for much cheaper to see what the hubub was all about. Most stuff over here is pretty cheap, but some fruit is just pure luxury in Japan.

Cantaloupes, about $13 a pop. Mangos cost about the same.

Even in the most remote regions of Japan, the fish is always super-fresh. On the top of this pic are octopus tentacles.They go pretty well with spicy mustard.

Special milk created for non-homos. Engrish jokes aside, the milk here is 100 times better than the milk in the US. Actually, the milk anywhere in the world is about 100 times better than the milk in the US. American milk sucks. Its loaded with chemicals and pasteurized to the point where it’s basically just white water. White water swimming with artificial hormones and animal cruelty.


Huge mushrooms on the cheap.   Whale Bacon (~$5). Not part of the everyday grocery stock, but it does come through about once a month…..

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