Land of The Rising Grill

One thing that I am happy to find is that the people here love to barbecue just as much as I do. The Nihon BBQ Justsu is different that of the US. Different, but equal in awesomeness.

Firing up the grill. The grills are smaller here and are pretty cheap (~$15-$25) and can be disassembled and transported quite easily. Actual wood charcoal is used as opposed to the black chemical briquettes of whatever that we use in the States. To get the coals burning we fan the fames and speed up the process.

Ahhhhh, Yakiniku! Meat here is typically grilled in small strips rather than in giant slabs, and we eat and eat those little strips until or stomachs are about to explode. The grill grates are always in that square pattern. Typically you just throw the meat on without any seasoning/marinade. The meat cooks fast because of the small strip sizes, and when its done you just pull it right off with your chopsticks and swish in around in your own little bowl of dipping sauce. Yum.

One does not simply cut a watermelon in Japan. We put on blindfolds, spin around in circles to get dizzy and then try to find our way to the melon and wack in with a stick.


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