Being a native English speaker, the textbooks teaching the language can be a bit frustrating.

There are dialogues that I must read in character and take in all sincerity, such as:

Bill: Hey John, where’s the supermarket?

John: Oh, Its right across the street!

Bill: Hey, is that a supermarket across the street?

John: Why, yes it is.

Bill: Ah, I’m feeling hungry, I think I’ll try to go try to find the supermarket!

Reading these dialogues in character with another teacher makes me forget that these are just educational books for children and my gut reaction is to always break the conversation and say things like, “Hey Bill, are you stupid or something?” Alas, I am reminded of my need to be a patient and compassionate human being.

The dialogues are lacking, but the stories, however, are pure gold. I really hope whoever wrote these things is off writing novels somewhere.

Without further adieu, “After Twenty Years”:

*standing ovation*

One thought on “Textbooks

  1. Uh…what?!?! Oh sunshine…yeah sometimes they just word things oddly (or use stuff that is just really dated sounding). I feel the same frustrations sometimes!

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