There was a tea festival held in a small mountain town in Kyoto recently. There were stalls set up with tea from all over the world that you could taste. Tenoshi kata.



tea hills



Cut tea being rolled. When you buy loose tea it never really quite look like leaves that have just been cut up. This rolling process is what gives the leaves their curled-up look.


a woman and her tea stall.






the tupe of mill used to grind sencha (traditional Japanese green tea) into matcha (powdered green tea). It’s amazing how vibrant the color of the tea is after it is ground up.



the top of the mill removed so you can see how it works. Sencha is poured on top of the mill and falls down into a hole to be ground up as the mill is spun by hand. The freshly-ground tea dust is then swept up with a brush and stored in containers.




chawan (bowl) and chasen (bamboo whisk) used to whisk matcha powder into hot water.






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