Korean Students Speak

There isn’t a lot of room for creative expression in asian schools, and at times it seems they can just be downright soul-crushing. Perhaps this is the goal? This isn’t so much the case where I am, as I live in the boondocks where life in general is just more lax.  Subtly though, like a sort of cosmic background radiation spreading through all school systems throughout the world, this misery does have its presence.

The site below shows a project that an English teacher in South Korea designed, where students could write anything they wanted to share with the world on a blank piece of paper. Some of the messages are incredibly poignant and indicative of major social issues in the world today, and others had me laughing so hard that I had to force myself to stop paging through them at work because I kept laughing too hard. Literally spit coffee out twice laughing when the teacher’s room was nearly dead silent. Oops.



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