Japanese Drivers Licence

Japanese Drivers Licence

The jungles of bureaucracy I have to climb through to get a proper Japanese drivers licence…..

I’l spare you the details my own personal difficulties. One thing I have found with any sort of proficiency test in any field in Japan is that the tests require all sorts of irrelevant skills to trained and brought into play. My guess is that the rationality is if you are able to build the discipline to go through all the superficial add-ons of the tests, whether they be academic, physical, or whatever, your actual tasks that you have to encounter in the real world will be a piece of cake. I’m not so sure whether this reasoning is true or not, but ¬†nonetheless the above photo is a map of the obstacle course that I must drive through to pass my test. I have to memorize the whole thing and am allowed no questions during my actual test. It looks like a maze you’d find on the back of a cereal box….

One thought on “Japanese Drivers Licence

  1. This looks very similar to the one in Chiba…the next big headache on my to-do list!! And yet the Japanese people get to drive around town in their own cars…*grumble grumble*

    Good luck! Are you taking the test soon?

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