Motorcycle Ninja


I’ve been motorcycling around the country for the past few months and it has really given me a new perspective to life here. On a motorcycle, one is more present. The world is not something that rolls towards you behind the comfort of a window pane as if you were watching television. You become a part of everything. You can feel the bumps in the road, smell the cedar trees and the riverside barbecues, hear the birds in the sky and old grandmas chatting it up in the rice fields. You can turn your head around and see more angles in the places where you are driving. I always discover new things that I never noticed in a car when on a bike. Everything becomes more intimate; you can even see caterpillars crossing the road. There is no time for autopilot. Riding a motorcycle, one is more aware and more in tune with their environment, and this is really what life is all about.

Almost every weekend I drive out to some ancient castle or temple and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes I pretend like I am a samurai ripping through the countryside on horseback. Ah, spring.

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