I’ve had a slew of couchsurfers pass through my abode this spring. It feels great to help people explore the world, and these travelers really cut through the repetition of your routine and add a new excitement to life as they explore the environment that you have been living in with fresh excitement. When I host these travelers from around the world, I feel like I myself am traveling to Japan for the first time and I am given a great opportunity to reawaken and reflect on ideas of Japanese culture that routine has made to slip to the background of everyday life.


Claire and Emmy from Nagoya! Claire’s only two and a half but she has traveled all over the world. Watch out for her chop!


Claire watching Totoro in my living room for the 4th consecutive time.


This is Manuel, he’s from Argentina. He’s in a pretty cool band and finds work as a programmer for light shows. I learned a lot about Argentina from him and we had many awesome conversations about life and the future of the world. Friend for a weekend but a brother for life.

This is a light show that Manuel programmed for the opening of a new art museum:

And here’s a free album released by his band:

If you are unfamiliar with the program, couchsurfing is an internet networking site where travelers from all over the world can offer their couches to other travers and to search for couches to sleep on if they are the ones traveling. No money or anything, just kindness and openness towards others. Even if you are not interested in hosting people at your house, you can still sign up and just meet people for a cup of coffee as they pss through town. This program is really changing the world for the better. People are beginning to build a trust towards humanity and the world is becoming connected in a way that it has never been before. My heart has grown through couchsurfing, both through my travels and through the people I have had the pleasure of hosting.

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