ancient mists


Through the silence, a presence reemerges. I have been in vacation in China for some time, and this time was well-spent. Much was learned, and I hope to share some of this with you in time. August is quite a busy month in Japan, there are festivals nearly every day for Obōn, and little would I know a year ago to this day (the birth of this collection of writings and photographs) that I myself would come to help play a central part in many of the same festivals that so enamored me on my first real encounters with this country. More on this later.

Birds and insects sing because they are alive. Candles and lanterns bloom as the sun goes down and grand firework shows are thrown by every little town in the countryside. Families are drawn out of their homes and normal routines to join the community in togetherness. The warm nights seem to beg to be spent with friends, and life is good.

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