surprise visitor in the last songs of summer

The universe has a funny sense of humor. I was sitting here in front of this computer going through folders of photos to find something interesting to share with you, when outside my window the soft sound of a wood instrument playing a simple pair of two muted notes lingered in the air. There was a long gap of silence between each playing of the notes and they and their creation of silence blended in quite well with the other sounds of nature outside my window. After hearing these notes come in and out for several minutes I decided to go outside and investigate.


The sound was coming from a set of speakers affixed on top of a small truck with “Tofu” written on the side in Japanese. The driver came out and greeted me. He came from a small little farming village in the nearby Mie prefecture and drives around selling his tofu out of the back of his truck from time to time. He made all sorts of different styles of tofu and photos were pasted on each one of his coolers to show what each one contained. Sort of like the Japanese version of an American ice cream truck.

I’m eating the tofu in the above photo as I write this entry. It’s incredibly fresh and very very delicious.

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