Cave of a God

Finally made a trip to a local Buddhist cave just a few km away from my house. Its sort of a big deal and is one of the things my town is famous for (that still exists. this place is rife with some pretty incredible history). The cave is often closed, as a small earthquake or a quick burst of rain could easily wipe away anybody exploring the caverns.

不動窟 (1 of 5)going within….
不動窟 (5 of 5)ancient minerals

不動窟 (2 of 5)

A giant underground waterfall runs through the cave behind this figure, the guardian deity Fudō-myōō (不動明王), who has found quite a fitting home inside of this cave. Fudō-sama is a wrathful deity in Indian Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana), where he is known as Acala (अचल) and is represented in the tantric traditions throughout the world. His name translates literally to “the immovable one.”  He’s quite a popular image in Japan and is my favorite of all the Buddhist deities represented int this country.  He is a guardian of the teachings and a symbol of the immovable truth and power of the Dharma.

不動窟 (4 of 5)

Roaring presence.

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