This is an akebi, a fruit that grows wild deep in the Japanese inaka. It’s sort of hard to find them, as monkeys usually get a hold of them before humans get a chance to even see them. They hang high in the air, and after some time they split at a seam into two petals that surround a hot-dog shaped pulp. The pulp is sweet, but leaves a strange tingly feeling in your mouth and throat after you eat it. I hear kids used to go hunt for them back in the days when kids used to play outside.


Looks like a purple potato. It’s really soft and spongy to the touch though and you could squish it without much effort. I caught this one at the perfect time; they’re usually brown before you get a chance to even notice them. Every now and then I’d come across their skins on the road during a jog, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen a ripe one.

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