Yoshino Sakura

The area where I live, Yoshino, is regarded to be the best place in all of Japan to view the sakura flowers. (in fact, the word “Yoshino” bears relation to sakura throughout the world, and the most popular breed of the trees contain the word Yoshino in their name). For a short few weeks out of the year, tourists flock into my sleepy village from all around the world to stroll through the pink mountains and walk beneath the soft snow of flower petals.

Taken around Yoshino Yama:








2 thoughts on “Yoshino Sakura

    • hah,the sakura actually don’t have any scent (you’d think they would, right? I was surprised). Tree for tree flower for flower, I think I actually prefer the plum blossoms (umé); their smell is incredible. The sakura do have a taste though, and the deserts made from the flowers and the leaves are awesome.

      What makes sakura so dreamlike is the sheer number of them all over Japan and how fragile their life is. A slight breeze will blow the petals from the tree and their brief presence is written about in a lot of poetry.

      For two weeks or so though the spring breeze carries small clouds of sakura petals into the air and its really unreal. Sort of like a snowfall of spring.

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