Tokyo Design Festa 2014

Two times a year an event is held on the east side of Tokyo that brings together over 10,000 artists to share their creativity with the world. Most of the artists come from various regions around Japan, thought here are many participants who come from all over the globe. International food stands are set up, huge canvases are set up for artists to paint on, and live music performances are held at the center of the venue (Tokyo Big Site) throughout the duration of the 2-day festival, . Many artists make post-card prints of their works and I found it incredibly difficult not to buy less than a stack of several hundred of their works.

The art scene of Tokyo is one of my favorite faces that Japan has to offer.





1D4A7532 1D4A7538


1D4A7596 1D4A7588 1D4A7579

1D4A7647 1D4A7625 1D4A7614 1D4A7601

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