Yesterday I participated in TedxKyoto. The event took place at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (which is known by locals and students simply as Kyoto Gaidai–an easy in to Japan if you’re interested in studying here), and for a whole day people from all around the world participated in an exchange of ideas aimed at making the world a better place for people not only to livein, but to thrive in. The place was brimming with optimism and fresh hope for the world. People came from all sorts of backgrounds and everyone had their own unique angle at how we can advance our species to new heights. Academics, scientists, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, all bent at breaking the mould of the status quo and flying humanity to new skies. There was an overarching sentiment that we are currently living in the greatest and most opportune age that this world has ever seen, and that we don’t need to live in boxes that other people have made for us. We can make our own reality.

I really feel that Ted is one of the greatest generators of hope and progression in the 21st century. You just leave after meeting all of these beautiful minds and are just happy to be alive in this world.

I’m sure most of you are familiar, but if you aren’t, you can visit http://www.ted.com/ and view thousands of short lectures from brilliant minds all around the world. New lectures are released every week.

I’ll share some of what was shared at the event throughout the week.

So much hope. We all have incredible minds with infinite creative potential, and each and every one of us has our own unique gift and message to be shared with the world.. Life is short; use this one brief chance that you have to allow your mind to flourish and spread love and hope throughout the Universe. The path can be difficult, but when you are low use the inspiration of those in the sky to lift you up into the air, and when you are in the air, use your gift to lift up those around you! To uncharted skies, my brothers and sisters!

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